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Success – Step 1: Have a Website Designed

Step 1: Have a Website Designed

The formula to success, is in many respects, very different than it used to be. For one, digital media allows communication at an almost obnoxious level, as well as having information that is readily available at the click of a mouse. With so much information now, it is almost impossible to go through it all when trying to make an educated decision about anything. The secret is the ability to have the information you provide be the information that people find through digital means. There are many very smart people out there, many of them with valuable things that they are sharing online. Whether these things are products, services, or simply information. The problem though, is that many times even though what they are providing is of value, because there is not an easy means distinguishing the quality of one person’s offerings over the other, the general public will most likely not find this persons information. People listen, learn, and buy from the resources they can find. Simple as that. So no matter what you are offering, or what message you are getting across, it is vital that you make it easily available and in front of your target audience. Web design is the first step of this process.

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Websites are getting easier and easier to create. Gone are the days when only large corporations can have a web presence. Obviously with the advent of social media, many businesses create Facebook Pages, and other social media based sites, but the problem is that these sites are hard to distinguish. Finding someone that can build you a unique, simple, and functional website is not hard to do. My personal recommendation is Rizseo, which is located out of El Paso, TX. (Below is their contact info). Once you have a functional website, then it is time to develop an effective internet marketing campaign. This can be in the form of Google Adwords, Social Media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), search engine optimization, and embedded Ads.

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Google Adwords Is a great platform if you are just getting started. It is simple enough to do yourself, or if you would rather have a partner handle it, Google can recommend a trusted partner. Social Media Advertising has the advantage of being able to target in on a very specific audience. For example if you had a wedding venue business, you could only show your ads to Females, ages 22-36, located within El Paso County. This helps put your advertising budget to good use, so that there is hardly any wasted dollars.

Once you have a website and an effective internet marketing plan, you can move on to step 2: Finding an Efficient process. That blog post will be up soon!