Do you even lift bro?


Everyone has their own opinion on weightlifting and different associated regiments, but one thing that is universally undisputed is that you cannot out train a bad diet. For this first post I would like to discuss the benefit of proper supplement intake. I have tried just about every type of creatine, protein and recovery under the sun, but I recently was introduced to something that trumped them all.


After 14 years of traditional fitness I went ahead and tried a new regiment that was founded around a decade ago called crossfit. The important thing to me when beginning a new health regiment was in finding the correct crossfit supplements. I counted myself lucky when I stumbled upon Atomic. The primary reason was that the product offerings gave me a total solution. I evaluated several other companies and the lines offered, but nothing compared to the total solution that was available through them.

Crossfit Supplements

The difference between maintaining a life style of health and setting new personal records in weightlifting is actually not as drastic as you may think. An important thing to consider is the method in which you are refueling your body. After continuous ripping and repairing of muscle tissue, the supplements that will revitalize them is extremely important. Crossfit supplements are something that will make or break the way in which you excel. Take a closer look at Atomic Strength Nutrition and evaluate weather or not you are ready to get serious about your fitness. I reached out to the owners and they actually answered, hit them up on their Facebook page.